Fruity Weekend


Uganda has plenty of fruit trees and vegetables. You can find mangoes, pineapples, lemons, bananas, pineapples, tomatoes, carrots, onions, beans and much more on the market. You can buy everything.

But for most of the Ugandans fruits and vegetables are too expensive. Fruits and vegetables are as well for the children at the centre a very rare luxury.

Since vitamins are a necessary part of an adequate nutrition and a healthy growing up, we started the Fruity Weekend.

In the weekends around 120 children and youths gather at the centre to train, to make music and have fun. For all you need: 10 water melons, 12 pineapples, 2 boxes of oranges, mandarins and mangoes each, 4 Jackfruits. One fruity weekend costs 100 Euro.

We want to fund one fruity weekend every second week. Please help us!

Please use our bank account for a food donation or visit to donate. If you want to organize a party at a special date, e.g. your birthday, please contact us and the Sosolyas will celebrate with you.

By the way: Sugar cane is one of the children’s favourites. They cut it in pieces and suck the sweet juice out of them.

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