About us

Sosolya Undugu Familie e.V.

In 2015 six girls and boys from the Sosolya Undugu Dance Academy came to Germany the first time, invited by KinderKulturKarawane. One stop of their tour was Marburg.

There, the 17 year old Karoline Zech met the group. Karoline was very fascinated by the optimism, the positive energy and the joy which was spread from the Sosolyas, that she decided to go to Kampala for a volunteering year. So Karoline tried to find a supporting organisation for this and had success by the Diakonie Hessen. In summer 2016 Karoline could start her volunteering work at the Academy.

The Sosolyas offer a save place and a big family for all forsaken children. The engagement of the Academy is absolutely essential for the slum. Nevertheless they don’t get any governmental support. So the Founder of the project, Mark Mugwanya has to finance all needs from his private income. So it happens that the Sosolyas have often financial straits: the food is rare and paying the school fees is a major effort every single trimester. Thanks to Karoline and a generous donation from Germany there is running water in the Academy since March 2017. A waterfilter generates clean drinking water since April 2017.

Karoline and her family decided to help. A continuous support for the academy was the goal, and so the plans to found an non-profit association began to get shape.

On 22nd of July 2017 the Sosolya Undugu Familie was founded in Niederweimar near Marburg. Since August 2017 it is officially registered as non-profit organisation.