Sex education and reusable sanitary pads

Our member Heike took time for the older girls. A lot has been said about contraception, about the female cycle and about womanhood. Thanks to a generous donation, we were able to buy AFRIpads for all the girls.
Afterwards there was a party with food and a lot of relaxation with face masks and makeup. Relaxed mood after serious conversations.

Of course Manfred did a boy´s talk simultaneously. While the girls met in the volunteer house, the boys stayed at the academy. They also talked about contraception, health and the future plans.

Thanks very much to the generous donator of money and make-up, which has made this great day possible.

Repairing the Roof

One of the projects during the stay of our members Heike and Manfred in Uganda, was the repairing of the roof of the girl´s house. Before Heike and Manfreds visit we were informed that the roof was leaking and water came into the house. In Kampala it turned out that the condition of the roof of the boy´s house was even worse and it had to be fixed also. Thanks to geneous donations it was possible change the plans spontaneously and to repair both roofs! And thanks to everybody from the centre who helped the roofs are fixed now and all boys and girls can sleep without getting wet.

The Trench in between

We have revently reported about the ditch infront of the centre wich had become very big because of the heavy rain. We are very happy to announce that the cunstruction works are going well. Because of the many rain the work will take a little bit longer but the concrete channel will be finished in a few days. Soon all children of the area will be able to cross the street again safely. Thanks to everybody who helped making this possible!

A new waterfilter - clean water - healthy children

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Posho and beans - fed and happy children

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