Welcome to the websites of Sosolya Undugu Familie e.V., the official partner organization of the Sosolya Undugu Family Academy in Kampala, Uganda. Sosolya Undugu Familie e.V. supports us with donations we need to care for up to 200 girls and boys and initializes and realizes short and long term projects in Uganda. Thank you very much to all donators. Your contributions help to improve everyday lives of our needy children. Let’s have a look who we are and what we do.

Sincerely yours

Lezon Mark Mugwanya

Founder and Head of Sosolya Undugu Family Academy

copyright Maylynn Quan

Everyone who ever had the pleasure to meet the Sosolyas will remember them. They radiate a unique mixture of energy and joy of living. It’s fascinating to see the progress the children of Sosolya are going through: Anxious and scared fosterlings become strong and self-determined young men and women. Mark Mugwanya has created a safe and indispensable place, which is open for everyone. We want to support Mark with his work and we want to accommodate the children on their way to an independent future. Please help us!


Sincerely yours

Heike Felske-Zech
1st chariwoman of Sosolya Undugu Familie e.V.